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Hanna's Tea Times

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Welcome To Hanna's Tea Times'  Website

Hanna's Tea Times is more than a specialty tea shop... We offer what Hanna loves to do best...we  cater tea parties. tea tastings, & tea education presentations in homes & businesses.

Fairy Tales Tea Party Catering specializes in creating the perfect "Tea Party Ambiance"; A tea party is a formal, ritualized gathering for the small meal called afternoon tea. Formal tea parties are often characterized by the use of prestige utensils, such as porcelain, bone china or silver. The table is made to look its prettiest, with cloth napkins and china tea pots, teacups, sugar bowls filled to the brim with bright white sugar cubes and plates. Fairy Tales Tea Party Catering By Hanna's Tea Times brings everything from the china, glassware, tablecloths, flatware, etc... for each guest setting; to the high quality loose tea or premium tea bags, and desired afternoon or brunch food menu catered to your needs as well as silk flower centerpieces and/ or resources for fresh flower centerpieces for the table. To inquire more information about our services, please call (906) 362-1426 to make an appointment for a free consultation on menu options which is catered by our beloved local Midown Bakery & Cafe'- a special tea menu partnership between Hanna's Tea Times, to reserve your desired dates, location of venue, questions, or special needs for food allergies, vegetarian, or vegan options. We look forward to serving you- 

Hanna's Tea Times !!!

Hanna's Tea Times

Located at 405 Iron Street in Downtown Negaunee, MI 49866


[email protected]

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Hanna's Tea Times became a business back in July 2011 with setting up booths at local craft, vendor& bake shows, local events, and partnered up with a very special cafe in the heart of Downtown Negaunee called Midtown Bakery & Cafe''. The Owner (MaryBeth Kurtz) & I started hosting tea parties there in the cafe' once a month and began to obtain local clients who were extremely excited to finally have a place to have tea. About one year later, September 26th 2012; I opened my first little store front on Iron Street. Painted yellow with white trim and white shutters, red geraniums planted in pots outside the windows and filled with the first loose teas & tea accessories the Present Negaunee had ever seen; from that day forward I officially became the "Tea Lady". The first to make the presence of "High Quality Loose Teas" to step out from underneath the shadow of coffee drinkers in our very Finnish/Italian/YooperLand Community. :) Although a Southern Floridan myself- my heritage is Finnish, Welsh, & English on my mother's side which was brought out with our very large family getting together every night when my grandfather was alive, and we would have tea and fellowship together. They are memories I wouldn't trade for the world... they inspired me to dream, accomplish, & create a place where others can take the time out of their busy lives and stop to have a cup of tea with a friend- making time for tea time- an important time no matter where you are, what you are doing, & who ever you are with...stop and enjoy life for a moment with the simple pleasures of having a cup of tea. 

Sincerely, Maryhanna Ockerman- owner of Hanna's Tea Times